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My Latest Audiobook Release for the Out of Body Travel Foundation by Marilynn Hughes

My current audiobook release was written by the exceptional Marilynn Hughes and founder of the Out of Body Travel Foundation. She has been in the media for many years appearing on TV shows like "The Joan Rivers Show" and on radio's leading late night talk  show "Coast to Coast AM with George Noory". Marilynn shares her own personal experiences of astral travel and teaches others how they to, through practice, can astral travel as well. Marilynn was kind enough to share a little about herself and the newest release of the Out of Body Foundations Journal Issue Nine.

Can you give us a brief summary of who you are and how you got started writing about OBE's?
 My first experiences were very spontaneous and unexpected, so I began to journal about them. You can read more about that here

How did having these experiences change your lookout on life?
“Everything changed.” 

When you had your first OBE, did you know what was happening to you?
“Not really, I was pretty blown away.” 

Have you ever been scared in your travels?
Many times, I've been involved in spiritual warfare and dealing with ghosts and when those things first began happening, they did scare me. “ 

How has these experiences changed the way you treat others?  
“Everything changed”. 

You sell your books but also provide all you books for free as an ebook, why did you choose to do that?
In one of my experiences, I was surrounded by the Prophets, Saints, Mystics, Sages and Ascetics from all World Religions from throughout time. They made me promise that everything would be available for free so that anyone in the world no matter how poor could read them. And from this came our mission statement, as well. Mother Teresa had said that spiritual poverty was often worse than physical poverty. Our Mission Statement was borne out of her words, and this experience which is to 'Reduce Spiritual Poverty Worldwide.” 

What kind of message are you hoping to share, with the world, through your work?
“That there is a purpose in this life, and it is the purification of our souls. We must go from selfishness towards selflessness and we must transform the darkness which remains within each and every one of us to light. We must not waste our time here, there is a reason for our short mortal lives, and we must seek it out.”

Why did you start the Out of Body Travel Foundation?
 “I was instructed to do so in a mystical experience.” 

Can all people astral travel?
“Not all, but many can and do with a little guidance which we try to provide at our website,” 

Do you promote one religion over another? How do you feel about organized religion?
“I am personally Catholic. But, no, I honor and respect all religions and their people. I've studied them all and feel that they all have their unique beauty and although I am personally Catholic, I still utilize all faiths in my own journey as the spirit directs me to do so.” 

Can you explain a little about what the OOBTF's journals are?
“Yes, they were originated to teach people more about out-of-body travel and concepts related to mysticism, and they evolved into many different things including a desire to spread the work of other mystics from throughout time throughout the world.” 
In Issue Nine of your journal it shares the teachings and insights of one Huzur Maharaj Chawan Singh, why did you choose to devote a whole issue to this man?
 Because I had a profound mystical experience with him and he asked me to do this, as well as, to put together another book which is called 'At the Feet of the Masters.' He is deceased. And shortly thereafter, I received an exclusive article written about his grandson who is also a Sikh Master and was asked to publish it. Ironically, this issue of our Journal is one of the most popular in print.”

Having read this issue and narrated it, Chawan Singh explains how one must practice and go into meditation focusing on the third eye. Would you agree with him?
“Oh, absolutely, and the crown chakra, as well. The Sikh teachings focus on the living stream of sound, as well, and I recommend his writings, as well.” 

Is the process of learning to astral project universal or unique to the individual?
 Yes, but there are similarities between differing paths.” 

Marilynn, it has been an honor narrating your work and have found this issue to be one full of wisdom and great tools on spiritual development and astral projection. What parting advice would you give to reader looking to embark on such a remarkable journey?
"We only have so much time, don't waste it." In the words of some magnificent angels who spoke to me about the importance of not wasting our time here in this mortal world. Don't wait, just dive in . . . and thank you for your wonderful work in narrating this book. So appreciated!” 

 How may people get ahold of you and see all of your other work? .Again thank you for your time and your expertise, it has been a pleasure!  
“It has been a pleasure working with you, Rebecca, and you can find us on the web at, our forums are at We'd love to have all of you!”

 You can purchase The Out-Of-Body Travel Foundation Journal: Issue Nine: Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh on for FREE when you sign up for their trial offer. You can also get this amazing book here at Amazon and Itunes.

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