Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Now Available on Audio, "Reincarnation and Karma" by Marilyn Hughes

Out of Body Foundation, founder and author, Marilynn Hughes, is back with another newly released audiobook from her hit Mystic Knowledge Series.

Marilynn, it is so good to have you back here and celebrating yet another audiobook release from you! Tell us a little bit about "Reincarnation and Karma".

"The Mystic Knowledge Series is very important to me because it allows seekers to explore a particular subject and read everything I've had mystically on that subject. This book is one of those."

Did you always believe in reincarnation?


What is Karma?

"Some call it sin, others call it karma . . . it is the energy that we have accumulated from our actions."

What would be your advice to people trying to walk a balanced karmic path?

"Well, this is one of the reasons why this book is so helpful, because we first have to identify what that karmic path actually consists of, and this book really helps a spiritual seeker to discover how to uncover those hidden secret, which are so vital to that human journey."

What new things are happening at the Out of Body Travel Foundation?

"Great new things ware happening....keep updated at"

Any new projects on the horizon?

"I am working on a book in conert with 'The Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters' titled "The Hammer of Mysticism" which explains mystical processes and terms in great depth. We also just released another book "The Solitary", one which I am very happy about and feel it is very important to my readers."

Thank you so much for your time today, as always, it was a pleasure to work with you and narrate Reincarnation and Karma, it helped answer alot of questions for me.

Book Trailer

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